Massage Therapy
There are many benefits of massage therapy depending on your specific needs. As we’re all different, my treatments are tailored to best suit your expectations and individual requirements.

Full body Massages

Deep Tissue

I’m a Holistic Practitioner qualified as a Sports Massage Therapist – ITEC (Dip) 3 & 4 (LSM- Grad) & I’ve had many years of experience as a masseuse, as a qualified Swedish & Facial Rejuvenation Massage therapist (LA & Indian Champissage School (Diploma courses). I’m an attuned Reiki energy worker & I believe in the synergy of energy work alongside the deep understanding of anatomy, biomechanics & physiology (which I’ve studied over many years to a high level) in order to be able to deliver a treatment that can nurture the physical, mental, emotional & spiritual components of health.