Indian Champissage Facial Rejuvenation Massage
Facial Massage isn’t JUST about the visible benefits to the face.

Everyone holds tension in their facial muscles often without even realising it. Releasing this tension allows fresh nutrients, oxygen to flow freely again whilst creating a feeling of serenity & calm throughout the entire body.

This is a one-hour treatment purely on the face & neck without the use of oils or creams leaving an instant face-lifting effect. The massage starts with a short Reiki session after which I’ll continue with acupressure to the face & neck. I follow this with an Ayurvedic-inspired massage sequence to free stuck connective tissues, fire up individual muscle groups, & balance energy points.

Then I’ll sweep the face to unblock and stimulate movement of lymphatic fluid after which I’ll perform a lymphatic drain, ending with an invigorating head massage to stimulate the scalp & increase circulation. Finally, I close by balancing your energy to leave you feeling relaxed but vibrant, centered, & at peace.

The benefits include: releasing muscle tension, improving blood & lymphatic circulation, aiding the elimination of toxins, reducing dark circles & puffiness under the eyes, improving skin tone, generating a natural glow, and giving a relaxed youthful appearance.

I’m a Holistic Practitioner qualified in Mehta Facial Rejuvenation Massage therapy (Indian Champissage School (Dip) & an attuned Reiki energy worker.