Clinical Reflexology
Reflexology, also known as zone therapy, is a complementary medical practice involving the application of pressure to specific reflex points on the feet, hands & auricularly. This can help with relaxation, improve nerve function & brain power, increase blood circulation, help with the elimination of toxins, boost metabolism, balance energy levels & hormones, and relieve stress & discomfort from menstruation & pregnancy.

I specialize in Meridian Therapy, Limbic Reflexology, fertility & maternity aid & stress/anxiety management.

I offer a range of professional reflexology treatments that can be beneficial to a full range of conditions from hormonal disorders to musculoskeletal problems. A fully personalised, care-plan package is available for people with ongoing symptoms or illnesses.

I’m a Holistic Practitioner qualified to the highest level possible in Clinical Reflexology CRM5 (Dip) CRC (Grad) &, I’m also an attuned Reiki energy worker.